Activate, Strengthen and Regenerate Signature Facial


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Unique to Shiseido, the Activate, Strengthen and Regenerate (ASR) facial treatment activates self-regeneration to release a new skin radiance free from dullness, roughness, and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin becomes softer, luminous, and reinvigorated with youthful glow and energy that emanates from within  

 ASR Premium Treatments  

  • ASR Facial: Lifting (Php 2,350)  - A luxurious lifitng facial. The result is an instantly lifted face for a youthful appearance.
  • ASR Facial: Brightening (Php 1,900) - For a brighter, clearer and radiantly glowing skin. This is best if you have pigmentation concerns or dull skin. 
  • ASR Facial: Wrinkle Smoothing (Php 1,900) - A luxurious anti-wrinkle facial. The result is radiantly hydrated skin with a smooth youthful appearance.
  • ASR Facial: Hydration (Php 1,600) - Breathe new life into your skin. An intensive hydrating facial which helps to nurture and protect against environmental damage
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    Beginning June 1, 2024, ASR Facials will be available with a minimum product purchase of P1,950.

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